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Hey There

We're Meagan Daine and J.R. Zamora-Thal, producers of The Hollywood Confessional Podcast. As writers, producers, support staffers, former crew and cast members, we've seen many sides of the entertainment industry. We've seen how incredible and weird and funny and sometimes toxic it can be. And we've heard countless jaw-dropping stories -- stories people were dying to tell but felt they couldn't, because they feared they might never work in this town again.

We decided to change that shit. Hollywood's deep, dark secrets should be told, and we created this podcast so that industry professionals can unburden their souls without fear of retribution. All the stories in this podcast are 100% anonymous and 100% true.

If you’re about to start your own journey in the industry, this podcast can help you identify red flags. Monster bosses, toxic or even dangerous situations, how to know which jobs to steer clear of, and sometimes how to get revenge... which might be even more valuable.

If you've been in the industry a minute and have a few tales of your own to tell, you'll find the more you listen, the more you realize you're not alone.

Step into the confessional booth. Let's save Hollywood's soul.

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