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The Sound of Silence

I’m not gonna lie.

I'll tell you the story, and you’re gonna be like, Goddamn, that's a heavy one. It was right at the beginning of COVID, not long after JAMES DEAN died, God rest his soul. I’d been working in sound for a while. I got this call from a production company to do audio for a huge live shoot.

I’d worked with this company before. The producer, PAT, has a habit of downplaying the job. Like, one time I got a call from him. He was like, "Oh, we're doing this little thing. It's not a big deal. You just need one microphone." And I get there and it's a 14-hour live stream from SESAME STREET, and it's the number one video on YouTube. With like eight wires and, like, pies being thrown at people. It was a nightmare.

So anytime I get a call from Pat, I always know I have to take it with a grain of salt. Like if he says all I need is this, I'm just gonna bring everything, because I know I need to be prepared.

Like I said, COVID had just hit. Everybody was freaking out. Everything was shut down, production-wise. We were all like, oh my God, what’s going to happen? And then Pat called. And he offered me a long-term gig, making about 2500 to 3 grand a week. And then I found out it was doing audio for...

Wanna hear more? Check out the full episode here!

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