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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I'm from a very small, dust-devil town...

...up near THE NORTH POLE, where people either join the military, get married young and have lots of kids… or, they do what I did, which is get the fuck out of there.

Close to the beginning of my career in LA, I booked a supporting character role on a feature. It was a non-speaking part, but the character was in almost every scene. And there were a couple stars in the film, so I was excited. I went up to SHANGRI-LA and shot the whole thing and everything. But afterwards, the producer tried to pay me as an extra because I didn't speak.

I contacted SAG and showed them the original breakdown and said that the producer hadn’t paid me all my money. Well, apparently when you make a film, the producers have to put a certain amount of money down in case there’s shenanigans like that, and they hold it. So SAG forced him to pay me my money. And because of all this nonsense, I got into the union.

Not too long after that, I got this audition for a film in SHANGRI-LA. I mean, that’s great! On location, another period piece. Beautiful. Fantastic. At the time I was doing a lot of ALIEN roles. So I went into the casting office. This was before Covid. So I was auditioning in person, but they were also live-streaming it for the executives and casting directors who were already in SHANGRI-LA.

I didn’t get the part. However, they called me again to audition for another part. Didn’t get that one either. They called me again. Another part. I ended up auditioning four times for four separate roles in the film. Didn't get the fourth one either.

Now, I have agent at this point, and lo and behold they call and tell me...

Wanna hear the whole story? Click here!

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